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"Nighttime Dining", 2007

Gregory Alexander's "Nighttime Dining" is painted from an original photograph taken by Gregory Alexander, in which he uses digital software to create an artistic rendering.
      After printing this digital painting on canvas, Gregory uses real oil and layers of wonderful glazes and varnish, to create an original masterpiece that would look great on your wall.

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Oil on Canvas

size: 16 x 20

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Fine Art Prints: Print On Paper
9x12 Unframed Print


Standard Edition: Print On Canvas PLUS *Highlights in Oil
9x12 Unframed Standard Edition


Studio Edition: Mid-Layer Print On Canvas PLUS *Dark Glazes and *Highlights in Oil
9x12 Unframed Studio Edition

  Master Edition: Outlined Underpainting Print On Canvas PLUS *mid-tones, *Dark Glazes and *Highlights in Oil
9x12 Unframed Master Edition

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Gregory uses an Oil Painting technique that uses three main layers.
      For his first layer, he begins with a yellow wash underpainting over his outline. This adds a luminosity not seen in typical dark brown or grey underpaintings.
For his second layer, he proceeds using only mid-tones, and for his main layers, he finishes with dark glazes and thick, lushious strokes for his highlights.
      It is common for Greg to return to the same painting over and over again. When the perfection in his heart is imparted upon the soon to be varnishes painting--only then--will he put the brush down.
      Because each layer takes more days, weeks or months to create the final masterpiece, there are several options to chose from.

Our goal is to make owning a Gregory painting fit your price range!

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